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My students range from teenagers to lifelong learners in their 30s, 40s, 50s and up. They come from all backgrounds and levels of experience. However, working with adult students has become a special focus.

Whether you are coming back for training and want to enhance your current techniques, or you have always wanted to improve your public speaking or singing presence, we can make that happen together.

Offering Adults and Teens professional training in:

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    Public Speaking

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    Singing Lessons

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    Voice Rehabilitation

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    Audition Preparation

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  • Their business requires them to give presentation to clients and in front of groups.
  • They want to win roles at upcoming auditions!
  • They are choir members or soloists who know they have more to give vocally.
  • They have formed some bad vocal habits over the years and need some new techniques to bring the voice back to a place of perfect health and longevity.
  • They are home-schooled and are looking for personal training.
  • It would be fun to learn to sing!
  • They just want to learn to sound better and communicate better.

Custom Lessons

I teach private, one-on-one lessons and am available for vocal workshops.

All lessons are currently taught online for your safety. In-Person lessons will resume when the Delta Variant is more under control. I cannot predict when this will occur but watch this space for a date. I will require each individual to be able to produce proof of their COVID vaccinations for the safety of myself and my students. NOTE: Voice Rehabilitation requires a medical referral.