Build your voice into the most beautiful, most resilient instrument it can be. Develop an exciting repertoire. Build your performance skills and troubleshoot vocal problems.

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Public Speaking

Improve Voice quality and production. Clarify articulation and modify accents. Upgrade your presentation skills while learning to speak more proficiently. Reduce performance anxiety.

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Voice Rehabilitation

With a doctor's referral, work with a skilled, experienced professional to regain your best possible voice. Achieve maximum endurance and volume while minimizing stress on the body.

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I have been teaching remotely with great success, for many years. My local students continue to study with me this way while we are all social distancing, in addition to having students in New York, Chicago, L.A., Ft. Worth, Rochester, Minnesota (MAYO Clinic), Rolla, Missouri and as far away as Jerusalem, Israel! My students are thriving and progressing at an outstanding pace! This includes both my Public Speaking clients and my Singing Refinement Clients. Currently, I record and provide all of the piano accompaniments, melodic content versions of songs and vocal exercises for my students, so that they have their music to practice and perform with, at their location--at no extra costs. This is a great time to be working on your skills, because the pandemic WILL END, and YOU will be READY to audition, or give your presentations with more skill when it does.

"We do not live in the St. Louis area but I really wanted my daughter Jersy to work with Sheila because of the astounding results I witnessed in some of my musical theater acquaintances.  Sheila agreed to give Jersy instruction through Facetime and I am amazed! Not only has Jersy's voice improved by leaps and bounds, her confidence level has skyrocketed. My daughter is into musical theater, but Sheila's instruction incorporates technique that cuts across all vocal genres- what a bonus! We are very pleased."

Best regards,
Rebecca Stinson


Excellence in Voice and Speech Training

"Sheila Dugan has trained dozens of singers who have performed at THE MUNY through the years. Children, teens, adults ... all ages of her students have been represented on THE MUNY stage, as well as Broadway stages and stages around the country. Good training shows!"
— Denny Reagan, President and CEO St. Louis Municipal Opera (THE MUNY) —


"Sheila Dugan successfully helped me identify areas of improvement and provided detailed imagery and exercises that I could apply immediately. She was laser focused and dedicated in pursuit of these improvements. Sheila has an intuitive sense of what your voice needs."
— Daniel Estrin, International Correspondent, National Public Radio (NPR) —


“Everything Sheila Dugan has taught me has been immediately applicable to everything I sing…and it’s really cool!
Everyone who hears me notices the difference!”

— David Lickerman, MD —

My Focus

My focus is Voice, Speech, and Audition training for singers, speakers, actors and dancers. I give both private one-on-one training, and some group classes. Private voice instruction is primarily for people age thirteen and up. I will train the exceptional child beginning at age nine.

I LOVE to teach the Adult Student who is coming back for training in order to enhance their current techniques. These Clients are individuals who still want to perform, or who are currently performing as soloists, or choristers in classical, musical theater, church or contemporary venues. It is a thrilling process to free the voice and refine the artistry of the singer from years of poor training, bad habits, or made-up survival technologies.

Public Speaking training is given to all types of voice users including business professionals, lawyers, physicians, students, sales representatives, scientists, broadcasters, teachers, foreign language speakers, actors and some children.

Voice Rehabilitation is given strictly upon medical referral.

As you read through this website, I hope that most of your questions will be answered about my background, experience and the outstanding level of service provided to my Clients. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Finally, I would like to thank my own very beloved voice teacher Dale Moore, for setting such a fine example, for teaching me well, for being my supporter and my dear friend.