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Public Speaking Training Online Cleveland OH

Sheila Dugan Works With Clients Nationwide

We could all be better at giving presentations, selling our products, being persuasive, sounding more commanding, speaking with a better vocal quality or being better podcast hosts and guests! Whether you hate public speaking or are perfectly comfortable presenting yourself, Sheila Dugan can work with you to identify and overcome your specific challenges. An accomplished vocal coach, Sheila is now offering Public Speaking Training Online to Cleveland, OH, area residents. Please call her at (314)-434-9217 to get started. 

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I heard myself on a recording, and I sound so nasal!
  • My voice is too high/low pitched.
  • I don’t sound commanding enough.
  • I can’t sing or speak with power anymore.
  • I have strained my voice, and it hurts to speak.
  • I want to have more of a leadership presence.
  • My presentations are rambling and need organization.
  • People have a hard time understanding my accent.
  • I am afraid to speak before large/small groups of people.
  • I need to be a more effective trainer/presenter at work.
  • I have performance anxiety.
  • I can’t speak confidently with family and friends.
  • I am a performer and need help with auditions and character development.
  • I want to be more articulate.
  • I am comfortable speaking in public but need polish.
  • I admire this Speaker. Can you help me to sound like Him/Her?   
I have developed high performance techniques which are extremely effective in addressing all of the above speaking challenges and more! My training protocols have helped clients in positions of leadership, professionals in business, medical, scientific, and legal professions, people who are in various fields of education, artists who are actors and narrators, and folks who just want to learn to communicate better.

What Public Speaking Coaching Online Can Do for You

Sheila Dugan is a Master Teacher of Voice, with decades of experience working with all kinds of voices, focusing on non-abusive voice production. Sheila has worked with some of the most complex vocal challenges — including unilateral vocal fold paralysis—and has created technologies to produce maximum volume with minimum stress on the vocal folds for both singers and speakers. She has also created easy to follow and immediately accessible technologies to correct articulation speech impairments and impediments for foreign speakers and people who were born in the United States who speak standard American English.

Sheila has worked with clients nationwide, from singers and actors to lawyers and physicians, heads of corporations and sales staff, teachers, and clergy and people who just want to learn to communicate better! Whatever you need to improve, she can help you become a better public and private communicator.

Sheila will work with you to identify your biggest challenges. She can absolutely help you to create solutions to turn those challenges into strengths. She meets her Clients where they are and helps them to eliminate, change or grow their current style of presentation into one that represents the very best in each Client.

Call Sheila at (314) 434-9217 (no texting, please) or email her at [email protected] to start growing your upgraded skill as a Public Speaker!

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

All Sessions Are Custom Designed

There are no “one-size-fits-all” answers, so I have developed custom approaches for the many needs of the diverse range of clients who study with me.
Every person has unique circumstances and goals and each session is designed just for you. Your ability to present yourself authentically is my main goal. I recommend seeing a physician to sort out any clinical issues. Voice Rehab is done strictly by medical referral.
The logos below represent only some of the many companies my Public Speaking clients work for. This is a great illustration of the need for strong public speaking skills in all business and social arenas.

Words of Appreciation

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Sheila Dugan successfully helped me identify areas of improvement and provided detailed imagery and exercises that I could apply immediately. She was laser focused and dedicated in the pursuit of these improvements. Sheila has an intuitive sense of what your voice needs.

Daniel Estrin

International Correspondent
National Public Radio (NPR)

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

A few brief sessions with Sheila impacted my public speaking immensely. She taught me to think about my audience and break down my thoughts in a more digestible manner. She is one of the most remarkable voice coaches I have worked with. She really took the time to understand my background and give me the most meaningful feedback!

Leka Devatha

President of Rehabit Homes, Inc.
Real Estate Broker/Developer
Has Developed More Than 100M in Real Estate
Seattle, Washington

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

I began working with Sheila recently to improve my public speaking and voice skills. My career is in sales and I felt I needed professional help to elevate my skills in these areas to stand apart and deliver better presentations.
Sheila is a PRO. It was clear at our first session that she fully understands the technical aspects of how to correctly use one's voice. As well, Sheila has an outstanding feel for what the audience needs from a presenter to deliver stand-out presentations. Sheila's approach is to the point (which I appreciate) while also encouraging. She is very good at quickly identifying technical and stylistic problems so that sessions are well spent on solutions and improvement.
My skills as a presenter have improved greatly as a result of Sheila's training. I also have a clear understanding of how my voice works and how to use it correctly.
There are few true experts in any field of work; Sheila is an expert!

David Branding

Managing Director
JLL St. Louis

Zuzanna Nedelska MD. jpeg

Sheila Dugan was able to diagnose my voice/speech/accent problem and efficiently help with that during the first online session we had together. She identified the challenges I had, and suggested the ways and exercises I could do to remove these challenges, which I did successfully! I am a physician from Europe, who worked in science and healthcare at a well-known and respected institution in the USA for few years. English is not my mother tongue. I had an accent, and was talking more from the throat than the mouth, which was a bit of nuisance during the public talks I needed to deliver. She could understand the anatomy and physiology of how I talk, and use my voice and mouth differently than English native speaker would, hence she showed me how I did it differently and how could I improve my voice and speech while talking publicly in English. The online session was recorded, so anytime I wanted to practice more or something new, I could go back to it and exercise. Very helpful and efficient ! Recommend her also to expats who live in the US, and need the diagnosis and management of their voice or speech.

Dr. Zuzana Nedelska MD

Dr. Nedelska is a Neurologist, a Researcher and an expert in Lewy Body Dementia. She is currently located at the Charles University in Prague, Czechia. Her specialties are behavioral neurology, dementia and neurodegenerative disorders. Dr. Nedelska also worked for many years at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Sheila Dugan provided extraordinary assistance in helping me to refine my accent and articulation. My native language is Spanish, but I have lived all over the world and acquired an unusual accent. Previous attempts to improve my articulation failed when the instructors were unable to discern the origin of my accent. Sheila’s method is highly personalized, so my unusual accent was not a problem for her. From the instant we met, she used her approach to help me clarify my goals and what I needed to do to achieve them. I was very impressed by the depth of her knowledge and her ability to communicate exactly what was needed. In addition to the personal coaching, she provided written materials that were very helpful. I teach at a university and my students noticed the changes in my articulation immediately. I had given up on clarifying my accent until I met Sheila. She is an amazing professional and I give her my highest

Lorenzo F Gonzalez

To Return to Cuba

Brittany Aranson headshot

Sheila is an AMAZING Public Speaking Coach! She has really helped boost my confidence when it comes to speaking, which has always been one of my biggest fears. When I attend an event and I’m asked to speak on stage or when I chat with a friend on a podcast, I’m comfortable speaking my truth! Sheila really listens and points out exactly where I can improve, allowing me to become more clear and concise when talking to others.

Brittany Arnason
Instagram: @investorgirlbrit

Adam Kempen

I can't thank Sheila Dugan enough for giving me the vocal presence and presentation skills that I have to work with now. I went from sweating over "no-camera" Teams meetings, to proving my ability to lead and present in my company's meetings within a month of working with Sheila. I can't personally think of a class with a higher career ROI, highly recommend.

Adam Kempen

Project Engineer
Nidec Motor Corporation

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

In just a handful of sessions, Sheila Dugan taught me more about my voice and presentation skills than I could have hoped for. I felt confident going into an important workshop presentation in Los Angeles, and lost my fear! Sheila teaches how to deliver an authentic talk that truly connects with the audience. Her level of experience, combined with her intuition about what works and what does not – is unparalleled. If you need to overcome nervousness around public speaking and wish to hone your skills, Sheila will guide you through her exceptional process!

Gretchen Schisla

Founder and Principle
Enrich Creative

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Dear Sheila,

At CEAM’s August board meeting earlier this week I gave a report on our parent training that included a glowing section on you, your training and how you connected to our parents. In a nutshell, I told them how amazing you are. I must have really sold you because one of my board members, has asked for your contact information. This man is a great guy who has served on the CEAM board the whole six years I’ve been employed here.

So our board member is copied on this email and I hope you will both consider yourselves introduced.

Peter A. Franzen

Associate Executive Director
CEAM – Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri