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Please feel free to phone me at 314-434-9217 to discuss voice lessons. This is my preferred way of meeting you and answering all of your questions. All scheduling issues are handled by phone as well.


Staff of the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio

Kate Dugan Kolta
Legal Counsel

While in law school, Kate served as Editor-In-Chief of the Saint Louis University Law Journal and published Regulating What’s Not Real: Federal Regulation in the Aftermath of Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, 48 ST. LOUIS U. L. J. 1063 (2004). She was a Dean’s Scholar, received the Academic Excellence Award for Legal Research and Writing and was inducted into the Alpha Sigma Nu honor society in 2004. Included in the 23rd and 24th editions of Who’s Who: American Law Students. Kate, formerly a valued associate at the outstanding international law firms of Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP, Kansas City, Missouri, Greenberg Traurig LLP, Chicago, Illinois, and Brian Cave LLP, St. Louis, Missouri, is currently the Assistant General Counsel, Litigation, Labor & Employment, Energizer Holdings Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.


jackJack Dugan
Chief Executive Party Planner and Social Director
(and Also In Charge of Other Very Important Initiatives)

Jack Dugan was employed at the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio in March of 2012. At first, we did not know in which department to put him. Let’s just say that shortly after arriving, he revealed that he had certain “issues” that needed to be dealt with, so he told us he mostly took the job for the health insurance and great benies we were offering. Once we discovered that he was a nut-job, we got him the help he needed and we can say that today, Jack is one of the most brilliant, loving, creative hires he have ever had! Ultimately, Jack became our main party planner. His chief qualifications are the following: 1) He is ALWAYS up for a party, 2) He really, really, really wants to know what he should be doing next, 3) He is tremendously creative in both good and bad ways, and 4) He is hysterically funny. As I said…one of the best hires we have ever had here at the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio.


andyAndy Dugan
Chief Executive Assistant to Sheila Dugan
and Chief Operating Officer

Andy Dugan started as Sheila Dugan’s Office Manager in March, 2010. After a few short weeks of training, he was doing a first-rate job of trying to keep Sheila on time and making sure her students waited for their lessons in the right room. Moving up the ranks he soon earned better positions in the corporation that is the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio. (Unfortunately the pay stayed the same.) Andy is the first employee who hasn’t hated the singing. He grew up listening to tons of rock and roll, and country music and much to our surprise, Andy is a great singer himself! You can listen to his vocal stylings on here. He wants you to know he is pictured here in his brand new Griffendor coat and that he wants a raise. He also wants you to know that when this photo was taken, he had just come in from being outside on his very first snow day, ever. He loved the way it tasted! He’s just sayin’…


Lily Dugan,
Emeritus, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge…
Executive Personal Assistant

Lily Dugan had been Sheila Dugan’s Executive Personal Assistant since 1997. Her position began two years after she stopped chewing up the kitchen floor in Ms. Dugan’s home in West St. Louis County. She was in charge of keeping Sheila Dugan on schedule, and commenting on the students who weren’t singing very well or in tune, by running screaming from the room shortly after they began singing. She was a remarkable person.


Ruby Dugan,
Emeritus, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge with Lily Dugan.
Human Resource Manager

Ruby Dugan, had been employed as Ms. Dugan’s Human Resource Manager since the year 2000. It was clear early on in her professional relationship with Ms. Dugan, that Ruby Dugan had the natural talent to manipulate people into doing exactly what she wanted them to do (in the most charming ways, of course!). This included getting to sit on a lot of laps, and slowly, but surely, getting her tummy rubbed. She was a remarkable person.


sc0033f4f5Ivy Dugan,
Emeritus, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge
Private Investigator and Commentator on Stuff
Going On at the Voice Studio

From 1984-1996, Ivy Dugan, a Cairn Terrier, served as Sheila Dugan’s Private Investigator. In that position she represented her breed very well. In Scotland, where the breed originated, Cairn Terriers were used to search for rats and rodents. Since there were and are NO rats or rodents at the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio, it was nothing for her to investigate how her bones or toys managed to slip between the seat pillows of the couch in the Studio. While Sheila was teaching. Multiple times a day. True to her breed, you would often find her upside down with her head stuck between those pillows and her behind in the air, investigating and digging. Sometimes lessons would stop while uncontrollable fits of laughter reduced students to singers incapable of catching a breath. This is very bad for a singer. No breath–no sing. As the self-appointed Official Commentator, Ivy commented on EVERYTHING having to do with the Stuff Going on at the Voice Studio. This is a photo of Lily Dugan, the brand new hire, cringing behind her new bed. Ivy is showing her complete disapproval of this new employee, by pointing her behind at the dog bed…which is the way she always made sure we knew we had her complete disapproval of the Stuff Going on at the Voice Studio. She was a remarkable person.


sc0033e2eeCassie Dugan,
Emeritus, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge

Cassie Dugan was the ONLY co-teacher, ever, at the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio. She was co-teacher from 1971-1984, when she went to her new music school on the Rainbow Bridge, as it’s Director. Cassie will be remembered for teaching every lesson with Sheila, while she was learning to be a very, very good voice teacher. Every new teacher needs some help at the beginning, you know. She was a remarkable person.