Studio Staff
Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Jack Dugan aced his interview for the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio when he made it clear that he applied for the job primarily because he always wanted to be a “Party Planner & Social Director.” His qualifications were 1) he was and is ALWAYS up for a party and always brings his Welcome Ball, 2) he loves EVERYBODY, 3) he is tremendously creative in both good and bad ways, and 4) he is hysterically funny. Now affectionately known as “OneEyed Jack,” he is one of the best hires we have ever had here at the Studio and one of the bravest souls I know. Jack is one of my protectors, a loving companion, and a darling person.

Jack Dugan

Chief Executive Party Planner and Social Director
2012 – Present

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Andy Dugan was hired as Sheila Dugan’s Office Manager, and after a few short weeks of training was doing a first-rate job of keeping Sheila on time and making sure her students waited for their lessons in the right room. His promotion to Executive Assistant came with an office couch and a HUGE window. Much to my surprise, Andy is a great singer himself! You can listen to his vocal stylings on YouTube....

Andy is pictured here in his brand-new Gryffindor winter coat, just having come inside from his very first snow day ever. He loved the way the cold snow tasted! He is one of the pickiest employees I have ever had and wants a raise. He is also a loving companion and an angel of a person.

Andy Dugan

Chief Executive Personal Assistant to Sheila Dugan and Chief Operating Officer
2010 – Present

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Lily Dugan was Sheila Dugan’s Executive Personal Assistant from 1996 to 2010. Her Official Position began two years after she stopped chewing up the kitchen floor in Ms. Dugan’s home in West St. Louis County. Lily was in charge of keeping Sheila Dugan on time. She took it upon herself to independently review the students who weren’t singing very well or in tune by running screaming from the room shortly after they began singing. Lily was The Best personal assistant, a loving companion, and a magnificent person!

Lily Dugan

Emeritus Executive Personal Assistant, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge
1996 – 2010

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Ruby Dugan began her employment as Ms. Dugan’s Human Resource Manager in the year 1998. Ruby demonstrated that she had a natural talent for manipulating people into doing exactly what she wanted them to do, in the most charming ways. The results included being cuddled, sitting on a lot of laps, and slowly but surely getting her tummy rubbed. In every way, she met the performance standards of every other Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio employee. She was an outstanding team player, a loving companion, and such a sweet, adorable person.

Ruby Dugan

Emeritus Human Resource Manager, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge
1998 - 2011

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio

Ivy Dugan, a Cairn Terrier, served as Sheila Dugan’s Private investigator, and let me say that in this position, she represented her breed very well. In Scotland, where the breed originated, Cairn Terriers were used to search for rats and rodents. Since there never were ANY rats or rodents at the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio, she investigated the dog toys that fell between the seat cushions of the studio couches. True to her breed, you would often find her mid-investigation, upside down, head stuck between those cushions, with her behind pointing towards the ceiling and back legs up, flailing in the air. Lessons often stopped as uncontrollable fits of laughter rendered students breathless. Ivy was also the self-appointed “Official Commentator” about EVERYTHING having to do with the Stuff Going On at the Voice Studio. This photo of Ivy Dugan proved—in no uncertain terms—that she disapproved of the new hire, Lily Dugan. She was a fantastic Investigator, Commentator, a loving companion, and a precious person.

Ivy Dugan

Emeritus Private Investigator, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge.
1984 - 1998

Sheila Dugan Voice & Speech Studio
Cassie Dugan was the ONLY Co-Teacher, ever, at the Sheila Dugan Voice and Speech Studio. She helped Sheila teach from the 1970’s to the mid-1980’s when she left to go to her newly founded music school on the Rainbow Bridge as its Director. Cassie will be remembered for attending every lesson and helping Sheila learn to be an excellent Singing and Public Speaking trainer. Every new teacher needs some help at the beginning of their career and Cassie was a superb colleague and mentor. She was a dedicated teacher, a loving companion, and truly, a treasure of a person.

Cassie Dugan

Emeritus Co-Teacher, retired and on the Rainbow Bridge with Ivy, Lily, and Ruby Dugan.
1971 - 1984