Singing Refinement

“Sheila Dugan has trained dozens of singers who have performed at THE MUNY through the years. Children, teens, adults … all ages of her students have been represented on THE MUNY stage, as well as Broadway stages and stages around the country. Good training shows!”

Denny Reagan, President and CEO St. Louis Municipal Opera (THE MUNY)


“Everything Sheila Dugan has taught me has been immediately applicable to everything I sing…and it’s really cool! Everyone who hears me notices the difference!”

David Lickerman, MD


JordanBollwerkTitanicThirty minute and one hour lessons are offered. The first part of the lesson is devoted to building and refining vocal technologies with vocal exercises. These technologies are designed to build muscles in specific ways for the singer’s specialized performance area. The exercises also build breath and breath management skills, flexibility, range, endurance and accuracy of intonation.

The second portion of the lesson is devoted to building functional and artistic control over assigned repertoire or repertoire brought in for performance refinement. Assigned repertoire is given first as an exercise to challenge skills that need improvement. Once this is accomplished, the repertoire is polished as an artistic challenge.

By doing this, you build a portfolio of repertoire that is appropriate for you, your interests, and your age. You will develop a portfolio of songs that show off your voice and artistic skills.

Additionally, I LOVE to teach adult students who are coming back to improve or advance their current techniques. These students still want to perform, or are currently performing as soloists or choristers in classical, musical theater, or contemporary venues. It is exciting to help singers shed years of bad habits from poor training or made-up survival technologies.

Vocal Workshops

Ms. Dugan is available to give vocal workshops to school music (choral) departments, music clubs and organizations and private schools where dance and acting training are offered. Her workshops focus upon breathing and breath management technologies for singing and technologies for non-abusive vocal production.

Ms. Dugan enjoys giving workshops in voice production to dancers. She teaches vocal technologies using dance terminology!

Please contact Ms. Dugan to set up a vocal workshop for your school or organization at 314-434-9217 or by email