Voice Examples

The following are voice examples of my students at various ages and stages of development These are people who have all been greatly improved. My students sing with a true knowledge of how they are technically producing their voices, and with greatly expanded ranges, flexibility, volume, endurance, and robust vocal health.

Some of these voice examples are from voice lessons and some from actual performances. In some of these examples, you will not hear performance-ready perfection, but you will hear the level of excellence that my students are challenged to aim for week after week. (Please forgive the mistakes of the accompanist!)


As you listen to these examples, listen for the following qualities present in each singer:

  • Each person sounds exactly like themselves. They have been trained in very specific ways how not to manufacture and duplicate the quality, color or style of another recognizable artist. This allows each of my students to be unique in their own sound in order to create their own quintessential performance of the repertoire as they mature as artists.
  • Each singer sings with health, and without strain, no matter what the genre of the music.
  • Each singer has a blended, homogenized sound. No breaks, and no pushing throughout the physiological range of each student.


It is with great pride that I present voice examples of the fine students that you will hear next.


Musical Theatre (Audio Only)

  • “I Got Rhythm”, from Girl Crazy
    Performed by Berklea Going, age 9.
  • “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries”, by George Gershwin
    Performed by Berklea Going.
  • “Beethoven Day”, from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
    Performed by a high school student (voice), age 17, and Sheila Dugan (piano).
    This young man began lessons with me at age 13 or 14.
  • “The Boy Next Door”, from Meet Me in St. Louis
    Performed by Alex Petrullo (voice), age 17, and Sheila Dugan (piano).
    Alexandra began lessons with me at age 13.
  • “It’s a Perfect Relationship”, from Bells are Ringing
    Hannah Kiem (voice), age 17, and Sheila Dugan (piano).
    Hannah began lessons with me at age 13.
  • “Much More”, from The Fantasticks
    Michele Dumoulin (voice), age 17, and Sheila Dugan (piano).
    Michele began lessons with me at about age 16.
  • “Human Heart”, from Once On This Island
    Performed by Lindsay Keller, Alex Petrullo, Lauren Vogel, and Kate Talbert, three high school singers and one college singer.
  • “Use What you Got”, from The Life
    Performed by Jonathan Reese, age 22.
    Jonathan studied with me for about two years while in college.
  • “Sailing” – from A New Brain
    Performed by Michael Burton, early 20s.
    Michael studied with me from high school through what would have been his early college years before moving to Los Angeles.
  • “Let It Sing” – from Violet
    Performed by Jonathan Reese, early 20s.


Classical (Audio Only)


Video Clips