Sing Like a Dying Dinosaur!! (Part 3)

…continued….I am suggesting that the only way a person can solidly learn anything in a mentored field such as this one, is to be given clear, accurate instruction… instruction which is the truth and springs from what the body actually does as a machine! In this way, corrections and adjustments can be replicated correctly over and over and over again, with clear understanding.

As a student, I swore to myself—on that very day— if I ever taught Voice, I would never make Clients feel as stupid as I felt in that moment. I also vowed that I would discover how the “moving parts” all work together so that I could make accurate statements about function and accomplishment to my students.

I read recently that what people say about you, is your Brand. This experience with this particular trainer is the reason I know so much about how the voice works technically and why people mention in their testimonials that I know a lot about the science of singing.

My advice is to NEVER try to sing like a dying dinosaur. It will annoy your neighbors and drive your audiences batty!

Create a mental check list and determine whether you are receiving relatable and understandable instruction. Make sure you are carefully listening to what is being said and becoming clearer about exactly how you make the changes necessary to achieve your goals… not just hiding behind your confusion and doing something that might get you to “yes” with your teacher. I understand this type of predicament because this is what I did as a student when I didn’t understand what was being said in voice lessons! I did not want to “look stupid.” Never be afraid to ask for clarification!

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Sheila Dugan